Why Choose an E-bike?

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Why choose an e-bike & What separates Meego from other brands?

Electric bikes (or e-bikes as they are commonly known) are becoming increasingly popular on the roads. If you are already a cyclist, you will know how annoying it is when you are panting your way up a hill, only to be passed by someone who is seemingly exerting no effort. E-bikes are an easy and fun mode of transport that is good for the environment and your health. 

What is an Electric Bike (e-bike)?

An e-bike is simply a bicycle supercharged with a battery and motor. A few years back, they used to be ugly, and the massive battery packs made them a cumbersome alternative to a traditional human-powered bike. However, thanks to continuous innovation and rising demand, e-bikes have evolved into efficient modes of transport, bringing the joys of cycling to a whole new demographic.

Why choose an e-bike?

There are many reasons why people are choosing e-bikes over the more traditional manual bicycles. They are more comfortable to ride, and you can go faster and further than using pedal power alone. 

Although they used to be expensive, you can now pick up a high-quality e-bike for as much as you would pay for a lightweight carbon-framed road bike. You are more likely to get out on the bike if you have the option to take it easy and benefit from the motor when you do not feel like exerting too much energy. 

E-bikes are the future of personal transport. They offer a cost-effective way of travelling great distances while still benefiting from exercise. Nowadays you can get e-bikes that can be taken offroad. 

An e-bike with pedal assist is a great way for you to increase your fitness without tiring yourself out or just being put off by the effort required to cycle up your local hills. Foldable e-bikes offer an excellent solution for commuters or those looking for a portable mode of transport that is easy to stow away and carry around with you, without being too cumbersome. 

What separates Meego e-bikes from other brands?

The Meego e-bikes come in two models the Meego S and the Meego X. Both are portable, durable and comfortable to ride. Let’s look at why these features are so important on an e-bike. 


Purchasing a foldable e-bike is a no brainer. They are portable, convenient and surprisingly powerful (well the Meego e-bikes are). 

When buying an e-bike, you want to make sure that it will fit into your lifestyle. If you are looking for an e-bike to commute on, you may have to take it on a train or bus for part of the journey. The foldable frame of the Meego e-bikes, make them easy to transform into a compact unit that can be carried on public transport. Also, if you are looking for a bike to take with you camping or your next road trip, the portability of Meegos foldable e-bike makes it a perfect companion for your next adventure. 

Finally, due to the compact size, the Meego e-bike is easy to store. Whether you need to place it under your desk once you get to work, or do not have a garage at home, these e-bikes are discreet and fit comfortably in spaces that a traditional e-bike cannot. This also means increased security as you no longer have to leave your precious e-bike outside and risk it getting stolen. A foldable e-bike can be safely stowed away in a cupboard or home without being a nuisance. 

Durable frame and high-quality components

Both the Meego S and X have a frame made of durable Aluminium Alloy. This is the perfect material to use on e-bikes as it is lighter than steel and more durable and reliable than carbon. The frame has been designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, whether in the city or even off-roading.

Having a high-quality frame is essential, but a lot of brands try to bring down the cost of their e-bikes by putting low-quality components on their bike. Although this may result in a cheaper e-bike to start with, it soon becomes a problem when gears stop working or the brakes no longer slow you down. Not only could this be dangerous, but it also becomes expensive as you have to upgrade parts constantly to keep your e-bike on the road. 

Meego has built their bikes to last and have paid close attention to the components that make up their e-bikes. They come with Shimano 7 speed gears, giving you a wide range of options depending on the terrain you are tackling. Shimano is a quality brand and is the favoured component choice for many cyclists due to their durability. In addition, the Meego foldable e-bikes come with Nutt hydraulic disk brakes, giving them plenty of stopping power, even if you are going at the top speed of 20mph. 

As if that was enough, the Meego e-bikes have a brushless DC motor and Samsung Lithium-ion battery. Both built to last and keep you going, no matter where you decide to explore next. 

Built with comfort during longer rides in mind

Meego foldable e-bikes come in 2 models. The Meego S comes with a front air shock suspension, disk brakes, 500W Brushless DC Motor, Shimano gears and Samsung Lithium-ion battery. It is the perfect e-bike for commuting and city riding. The addition of the front suspension means that even if you do ride across a bumpy road, you are still comfortable and remain in full control. 

The Meego X is designed for the more adventurous, benefiting from all the above benefits of the Meego S in addition to Hydraulic Oil shock front suspension and fat 20” Innova tires. Making this e-bike perfect for offroading, riding on the mountains or the beach. It is still a comfortable ride on the roads, but the Meego X is designed to be challenged and will tackle any terrain. 

Made to go the distance – Samsung Lithium-ion battery

The 720wh Samsung Lithium-ion battery that comes with Meego e-bikes can withstand countless recharges and has a charging time of just 5 hours. Once fully charged it has a whopping range of 75 – 110 kilometres. This makes it perfect for weekend adventures where you may not be able to recharge the battery for a few days. The battery is stowed in the seat post, which makes it discrete and well protected. 


Meego bikes are a high-quality pedal-assist foldable e-bike. These e-bikes will get you from a to b quicker and more reliably than tradition bikes or low-quality cheap e-bikes. If you are looking for a foldable e-bike that can keep up with your adventures, then look no further than the Meego e-bikes.



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