Best E-bikes for Sale in 2021

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The industry of electric bicycles is growing by leaps and bounds with more and more people turning towards easy and affordable alternatives to public transportation. Due to this dramatic increase in demand for e-bikes, we have now more efficient models of e-bikes in the market than ever.

It is quite difficult to find the best e-bike for oneself from this huge pool of available electric bikes. To make your search easy, we decided to do a roundup of the top 5 best e-bikes that you can purchase in 2021.

While looking for the best e-bike, we have not just evaluated the bicycles on the basis of their range, but also based on their built, design, gears, batteries, and portability. After conducting our thorough research on this matter, we have found the best of the bunch for you.

So, without any further delay, let’s get right into the details!

What to look for in a good electric bike?

We have carefully curated the list of some of the main factors that cannot be that you must consider while looking out for a good electric bike. The e-bikes mentioned in this list are evaluated on the following factors:

  1. Assist types:

There are two basic categories when it comes to assistance in e-bikes: Pedal-assist and throttle. Both of them have their own advantages. A pedal-assist bike will require you to pedal all along the ride however, a throttle assisted bike will keep on going even without the pedaling. Most of the e-bikes today, offer both of these functions to entertain the needs of all kinds of customers. It is dependent on your choice to select the one with more manual assistance or opt for an automatic one.

  1. Motor type:

The type of motor is another important factor to determine the performance of an e-bike. The traditional e-bikes use a rear hub motor, which is less expensive, however, some of the e-bikes also comes with mid-drive motors that offer a better overall balance and smoother running. Motors are measured in Watts and their type determines the running and performance of a bike in different terrains. The minimum power of a motor used in an e-bike is 250 Watts. While looking for an e-bike, pay attention to the motor and select the one that sits well with your needs.

  1. Portability:

Storage of an e-bicycle might be a problem for some riders, so portability is another factor to be considered while looking up an e-bike. Due to heavy batteries and stellar frames, e-bikes are usually heavy. However, some of the companies look into this issue and tried to incorporate folding structures and lightweight materials in e-bikes. We have mentioned such e-bikes in this list for you to check out.

  1. Range: 

The range offered by an e-bike should be of important consideration. An e-bike should be able to take you from one point to another without you having to worry about the battery running out or pedalling a dead motor. Most bikes offer great coverage of miles. There are even some e-bikes with dual batteries for further extended range. Choose the one that provides the best range coverage for you.

  1. Battery size

One of the main factors that cannot be overlooked is the battery size of the e-bike, usually measured in Watt-hours. A battery size provides the estimated supported range of an e-bike, however, it will be wrong to say that the size of the battery is the only factor that determines the range. A large battery size may translate into a larger range but it also depends on the terrain, temperature, and level of power assist to determine the number of miles that can be covered by an e-bike.

  1. Removable or Embedded battery:

The e-bikes come in both models, with or without embedded batteries. Some of the e-bikes need to be a charge for a couple of hours to reach maximum battery capacity. For someone with more of a demanding commute an embedded battery maybe not a good idea. However, a removable battery will provide the ease to get it charged anywhere, anytime. Riders can even use two batteries alternatively to cover maximum distance.

What to look for in a good electric bike?

We have carefully curated the list of some of the main factors that cannot be that you must consider while looking out for a good electric bike. The e-bikes mentioned in this list are evaluated on the following factors:

1. Lemeego S

Price:  $1,999

Battery: 720WH (LG/Samsung 21700 48V15AH

Weight: 63lbs

Gearing: Shimano 7 Speed, 14-28T

Looking for the best yet affordable e-bike to purchase? Look no further, Lemeego S is your answer. It is hands down one of the best electric bikes that you can have at such a reasonable price. With a sturdy model and aggressive design packed with robust features, Lemeego S tops our list of best e-bikes for 2021.

Powered by a strong 720Wh battery and a 500W brushless MXUS motor, this bike is not just for the road but also well equipped to be taken on adventurous journeys. The bike offers a top speed of 20MPH with a range of 62.5 miles. Furthermore, it provides support to carry up to 51 lbs of storage weight. This makes it perfect for daily cruising and grocery runs.

Lemeego S comes with CST 20” tires that can handle any terrain, be it may the beach, roads, or even mountains. The bike offers great stability and control to the rider with its Hydraulic Spring or Oil shocks to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride even on bumpy roads.

The most amazing factor of Lemeego S is its foldable frame that helps the customers on saving a lot of space. With great flexibility, less occupied space, you can take Lemeego S anywhere with you. At the mentioned price, this bike is a steal! We highly recommend this top-notch e-bike with powerful features and an even greater comfort level.

2. Trek Rail 9


Price:  $11,999.99

Battery: Bosch Power Tube 625Wh

Weight: M – 23.91 kg / 52.71 lbs. (with tubes

Gearing: Shimano XT running gear

Trek Bicycle Corporation is an International Bike manufacturer under the presidentship of John Burke which is known for selling excellent quality bikes. Trek Rail 9 is one of the top-level products of Trek Corporation. It is an electric bike suitable for mountain rides with excellent battery life and power engines.

This product has been a great success of 2020 for the company and has won the hearts of many riders and reviewers. Trek Rail 9 contains Bosh performance CX Gen 4 motors with brand new Rock Shox Zeb Fork. This product of trek is embedded with Shimano XT running gear with lightweight Alpha Aluminium Frame which provides an increased the speed of bike over the mountains with enhanced stability. The battery has an amazing power of 625 Wh with Bontrager Line Comp 30 29er Tyres.

Beside these robust specs, Trek rail 9 is also equipped with some excellent and comfortable infrastructure that includes 160mm Travel Fork, 29 in wheels along with 2.6 in wide Tyres. Thanks to its amazing geometry and balancing mechanism, this electric bike gives its rider a friendly nudge while stalling.

Being light in weight gives it’s the advantages of climbing over fallen trees and steep paths of mountains. The Bosch motor is an improved version of itself and is one of the best motors used for these bikes. With such a light and efficient motor, climbing the mountains is much easier than ever.

The display and controls of the bike were not very impressive for us, however, we loved the power-packed performance and huge distance range of Trek Rail 9. The bike may appear to be overpriced, but considering the features, slick design, extraordinary performance, it is a worthy option to consider.

3. VanMoof S3

Source :

.Price: $1,998

Battery: 500Wh

Weight: 46.3lbs

Gearing: Integrated automatic 4-speed hub

VanMoof is a well-reputed name in the e-bike industry that aims to provide premium quality e-bikes to customers. VanMoof S3is a great e-bike with doubled torque and gears, solid design, and other noteworthy features. It is powered by a 504-Wh-capacity integrated LG battery, which takes up-to 4hours for a full charge.

This e-bike offers a maximal range of 37 miles. VanMoof comes with four different assist levels to choose from. Upon selecting the lowest assist level, the range increases up-to 93 miles. The unique and decluttered design of the bike with the wires housed inside the frame sets VanMoof apart from others.

The most fascinating feature of the VanMoof is its integrated anti-theft tech. The bike has a lockable rear hub, built-in GSM & Bluetooth, touch-sensitive alarm, and location-tracking features to ensure maximum security of the bike. Even if someone manages to get away with the bike, customers can easily track its location and recover it. In addition to this VanMoof offers a paid service in which the company will replace the bike if it’s stolen and not recovered within two weeks.

Apart from these wonderful features and sleek design, VanMoof also provides an Android as well as an iOS app to control the bike. The rider can lock/unlock the bike, change horn sounds, set speed, change gears, control the lights and do much more with this app. Cool, right?

In short, VanMoof can be your perfect bike for commuting and cruising, however, it’s no speed demon! The only negative of this amazing bike is the embedded battery, which makes the charging process a bit difficult.

4. Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo

Source: Biktrix

Price: $2,999

Battery: 1000W Mid-drive

Weight: 30.8 KG

Gearing: Shimano 9-speed Aera

Biktrix is a Canadian company that has been in the business of e-bicycles since 2014, and over the years the company has established a good reputation for itself.  The company recently rolled out its “ultimate fat e-bike” by the name of “Juggernaut.” These highly configurable series allow the customers to build the bike as per their needs.

Juggernaut HD Duo is the ultimate bicycle for city commuters with a range of 150 miles and a top speed of 35-mph. The Juggernaut series offers e-bicycles in a number of different configurations with a 750W, 1000W, or even 15000W mid-drive motors to choose from.

The e-bike comes with a DPC -18 full-color display, throttle & pedalled assistance, Eco or Sport modes with five levels of assistance, and much more. The Juggernaut HD Duo can support up to 380 pounds of weight. With its 26-inch wheels, the bicycle is fully capable of running smoothly in any terrain effortlessly.

The Biktrix empowers users to build their bikes according to their requirements by providing frame options along with the option to select rim and tires, hence providing a customized experience. The Juggernaut models are equipped with dual 180mm disc hydraulic brakes and Shimano components to give the riders power to control the ride and stop instantly, whenever they want to.

The Juggernaut HD Duo meets the criteria to be one of the best e-bicycles to opt for in 2021 with its powerful features and unique designs. The price of this e-bike may be a bit overwhelming for some people, but given the features and excellent performance, we say it is justified.

5. Charge Bikes City

Source: Charge

Price: $1,699

Battery: 418Wh

Weight: 45lbs

Gearing: Shimano 7-speed

Last but not the least, we have Charge Bikes City, one of the finest E-bikes you can have in 2021. This e-bike is loaded with a top-level set of features to provide splendid handling to riders with exceptional performance, all at a reasonable price. With its cutting-edge design yet simplified setup, Charge Bikes City aims to help even the beginner riders to get started on the right foot.

When it comes to the specifications of the bike, it has a 418Wh removable battery that supports up to 50 miles of range with the light assist. This battery can be charged on and off the bike at per rider’s convenience. Charge Bikes City offers both throttles as well as pedal assist along with a 250W geared hub motor that provides the maximum speed of up to 20 MPH.

In addition to these remarkable features, the bike comes with five-level power assist, full fenders, folding handlebar and pedals, Shimano Tourney 7 speed shifter, puncture-resistant tires, and much more. All these features make the Charge Bikes City can the best e-bike for commuters.

Priced at $1,699, this bike provides all the necessary features that a commuter may need on daily basis. The e-bike comes up with excellent quality, unmatchable performance, and reasonable pricing to reduce the friction points of keeping an e-bike.

The only downside of the bike that we came across, is that the fenders and brakes of the bike require careful adjustment. Apart from that, City is definitely recommended.

Final Thoughts:

Electric bikes are rapidly becoming one of the more popular means of alternative transportation because of their ease-of-use, comfort, speed, and eco-friendliness. The best electric bike is not just about taking you from one place to another but also involves other important factors.

In the above-mentioned list, we have tried our best to provide you with the list of the best electric bicycles for 2021. This list was curated after conducting thorough research and testing of these bikes. We hope, after giving this a read you will be able to make an informed decision about the purchase of an e-bike.

Let us know in the comments, which of the e-bikes is your favourite and your thoughts on this article.

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