What’s Coming Next For Electric Bikes?

February 19, 2021 0 Comments

With the advancement in technology, the world is heading towards finding renewable resources. Traditional vehicles require fossil fuel to operate such as diesel or petroleum. As the global population is increasing rapidly, there is a high chance that we will run out of fossil fuels in the coming years.

Therefore, highly developed countries are in search of easily renewable resources. One such resource is electricity. Electricity produced by batteries is an easily renewable resource. In the past few years, e-bikes have gained immense popularity. This is because they are one good alternative to traditional cars and bikes.

Nowadays, manufacturing battery-powered vehicles is a lot easier than before. The use of battery-powered vehicles has significantly reduced the carbon footprint. These vehicles also do not emit any smoke.

The air population has also reduced, and the quality of air has gotten better in the regions where such vehicles are used. People becoming more aware of their responsibilities towards the planet and the benefits of inhaling good air.

Now battery-powered vehicles are preferred and is becoming a national interest. This interest has led analysts to state that in coming years the sale of e-bikes will receive a massive surge.

Societies are altering. The modifications are characterized by urbanization, awareness of ecological and health issues, and demographic transformation. These drifts have a tremendous jolt on individual and commercial behavior.

Innovations in technology and machinery along with decisive improvements in existing products are adding ease to our lives. On such impingement is the modernization and electrification of bicycles. It is predicted that over the next few years, e-bikes will play a massive role in our mobility, leisure, and the transport industry.

Why the world will ditch traditional vehicles and move to electric-powered vehicles in the coming decade?

Globally, societies are changing. Educated people now know how much important it is to live in a clean and healthy environment. The change is also a result of urbanization. There is massive awareness of ecological issues, a role to play in reducing health issues, and demographic transformation.

All these factors leave a significant impact on an individual’s commercial behavior. New solutions and innovative technologies are making the everyday life of people easier than before.

One such evolutionary step is the electrification of bikes. It is found that in coming years e-bikes will play a much important role in terms of our leisure. The transport industry will be looking forward to designing e-bikes that are much more human-friendly and rich in features.

Research shows that 46% of regular bikes are used around once or twice a week, while 81% of E-bikes are used in that same frequency. Also, 33% of e-bikes are used every day. This massive increase in e-bike usage may reduce emissions and save a myriad sum of money.

E-bikes are having the power to reduce emissions by 47% thus allowing up to $128 trillion saved by 2050.Compared to conventional bikes, modern e-bikes allow riders to travel longer distances with minimal effort and faster speed. E-bikes are a practical replacement for cars.

As there is less space and zero emissions, leading to less traffic and pollution, especially in big cities. An e-bike can provide green transportation which is energy efficient compared to other modes of transportation like cars, and even motorcycles and mopeds.

Electric bikes are extremely popular among urban commuters because they provide a quick and convenient alternative to driving. As a result, manufacturers of e-bikes switched to new technologies to adapt their e-bikes to the urban environment.

Nowadays, consumers demand an eco-friendly form of transportation. Thereby, manufacturers have developed innovative e-bikes that can adapt to a variety of conditions. Whether consumers are using their e-bikes to work or whether exploring any other area.

E-bikes are promptly setting new records and turning a popular form of transportation. The modernized e-bikes are built to meet your measurements. The differing requirement is a key feature in how comfortable and effective it is for an individual in the long term.

The latest technology provides the ability to traverse mountain trails or urban landscapes at blazing speeds and with less leg power. E-bikes are now more than just a simple recreational activity, or even a low-cost and green transportation option for the commuters.

The Futuristic E-bikes

The engineers are anticipating that newfangled e-bikes will be designed for various user profiles. The streamlined chassis will make cleaning the bike fast and easy.

The oily chains, gears, or sprockets will not be exposed as they are now. Furthermore, the electric bikes will be light in weight, foldable, and easy to take anywhere you want. E-bikes will have a perfect fore-aft weight distribution with sports cars like handling.

There will be a low center of gravity making the bike agile and responsive to ride and easy to maneuver around places. We can expect e-bike types where the contact points will be in the same place as a large wheel bike that will allow fitting more riders.

There will be height and reach adjustable handlebars along with adaptable fitting with superb comfort levels for different body sizes.
The option to personalize e-bikes will be given to the users. Derailleur gears are used in conventional e-bikes.

These gears can leave even the experienced cyclists in the wrong gear. We hope that the future e-bikes ensure that you are never in the wrong gear. The principle use for e-bikes is as a vehicle for commuting, so reliability and convenience will always top the list of desirable features.

As modern technology is introduced in e-bikes, riders expect it to work in all weather conditions. Therefore, riders are looking forward to some modern features. Automatic gear changing, walk assist, and increasingly onboard computing providing parametric information for the journey as well as GPS-based navigation.

Comparing with modern cars, today’s e-bikes are becoming very feature-rich, incorporating very sophisticated features.

In the past, cycling to work usually meant arriving tired, hot, and sweaty. People preferred to take a shower before starting the day in the office because this is the only way to look formal. This was not only a great hassle but was also a waste of time.

But this is not the case when you use an e-bike. Modern e-bikes can flatten out hills. They also provide extra effort to combat headwinds which can allow cyclists to travel further and quicker. In this way, the rider arrives at work fresh and ready to start the day.

Today, smartphone-centric users are waiting for more functionality that is unique from current modern automobiles. This includes GPS-based navigation, performance tracking, the ability to interrogate remotely. Plus, geofencing to notify if the e-bike is moved without permission, maintenance notifications and even an automatic notification sent out in the event of a crash.

The main hurdle and challenge for designers in providing this functionality is efficiency. For every sensor and processor that is added to the e-bike, some of the valuable battery charges are used, thereby reducing the range.

The designers and engineers are working to include a low-powered display or make use of the display of the rider’s smartphone, connecting via a technology such as Bluetooth. This modern change allows for very fast transmission speeds between the user’s smartphone.

The e-bike, usefully when a firmware upgrade is required. Bike-sharing is growing day by day. It would be a great step if we will be able to unlock the e-bike from an application on our smartphone, instead of typing in a code.
However, giving the option to unlock e-bikes using a smartphone comes with the risk of eves dropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

To secure the connection against these attacks, this device will provide dedicated hardware features. There is a true random number generator, a unique ID for every chip for robust and reliable connectivity. E-bikes are flourishing in popularity, there is a prediction that in the long run there will be more of e-bikes rather than normal bikes on roads, especially in cities.

E-bikes will always be a rapidly growing name in the automobile industry. E-bikes are the ultimate urban vehicle. They weight very little while retaining the fundamentals i.e., power, range, and comfort. Optimized to revolutionize the commutes in urban journeys. Over time, riders look ahead to the reliability, hassle-free maintenance, performance, and style at an affordable price.

However, today the riders want to see an app- customizable automatic drivetrain. An electronic suspension system that adapts to changing terrain, wireless communication systems, near-indestructible tires. Nevertheless, longer-lasting batteries with fast charging capabilities in their e-bikes. In the future, we are looking forward to seeing more compact and sleek designs of e-bikes. Do let us know about your thoughts and expectations from the future of e-bikes in the comments!

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