Role of E-bikes in solving intracity delivery problems

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Electric bikes are proving to be versatile vehicles of change, especially for urban business interests. They are now common in all developed cities, especially in Europe and United States. They reduce the need for noisy and pollution-producing delivery trucks that contribute to urban gridlock. Even more so, the usage of electric bikes also makes the streets cleaner and safer for pedestrians and other commuting cyclists.

The comeback of the cargo bike, with the exponential growth of the electric-assisted market, seems to have great potential. This potential is not only for urban deliveries but also for passenger transport, especially for families. Some statistics show that despite all attention on electric and autonomous vehicles, bikes will lead the future of e-mobility.

No matter if we live in the south or north, we will see the e-cargo bike coming to our neighborhood soon. Electric bikes are a sustainable, convenient, and inclusive option of transport. There are several other ways in which electric bikes can prove useful for delivery companies in solving their problems.

Electric bikes are easy to drive

The design of electric bikes might vary to a greater extent, but they all operate in the same way. They are similar to a regular bike in working. Almost all electric bikes have paddles. The paddles generate power, which helps the bike to move with very little effort applied. Unlike a traditional bike, an electric bike can carry you to a long distance in very little time.

Driving an electric bike is also not a tiring task. Learning to drive an electric bike is also easy and requires no special training. There are no hard and fast rules to be followed while driving electric bikes. The driver only needs to have basic road sense. 

Less or No traffic congestion

Delivery companies themselves use heavy trucks for deliveries around the city. Regardless of the weight and size of the object, it is being carried in a truck for delivery. Reducing the number of trucks and using electric bikes or electric scooters for delivering lightweight parcels can help in controlling traffic congestion.

Today, big cities are struggling with traffic congestion. Even developed cities like Dubai and New York are suffering from traffic congestion. People who dislike paying much for taxis and other heavy vehicles have found electric bikes and scooters as a flexible transport option. Electric bikes are easy to drive and are affordable as well as enjoyable to use.

A person can feel comfortable while riding an electric bike because it is not tiring at all. It requires no extra workforce to move an electric bike. While this concept is yet to find solid ground in Asian countries, the need for flexible last-mile transportation solutions makes this a prospect.

Low fuel cost is equal to drawing more profits

Using electric bikes means low fuel cost which in turn leads to more savings. Traditional vehicles use not only non-renewable sources of energy but also use combustion engines. Combustion engines work by burning fuel and converting the fuel into power. These combustion engines sometimes exhale harmful residues in the air, which leads to air pollution.

Electric bikes use electricity as fuel, which is a renewable resource of energy. Being a renewable resource of energy, electricity is much cheaper than any other kind of fuel, such as diesel or petrol. On average, electric bikes can travel 100 to 300 kilometers of distance in one charge. The charging capacity depends on the kind of battery used. The usage of electricity as a fuel in electric bikes can lead delivery companies to make more profits.

Deliveries would never get late

Most of the deliveries get late because of the heavy traffic and constant traffic jams on the roads. In most of the big cities, there is a separate lane for cycling. Electric bike riders can use these cycling lanes for traveling. Since electric bikes are smarter than other vehicles, they won’t get stuck in any traffic jams.

Electric bikes are also lightweight and foldable. This means, even if you get run out of charge during the ride, you can simply fold your electric bike, load it into any car and carry it to the charging station. What else do you need? A lightweight traveling vehicle that can even enter congested streets is the best option to be used by delivery companies.

Can easily assure SOPs

Since 2020, one new word that we have learned is SOPs. Keeping a safer distance and maintaining SOPs is as much important as any other task. This is because health always comes first. Many businesses have come to a halt state because they cannot work while maintaining SOPs. In such circumstances, electric bikes can help delivery companies to carry on their business activities as usual. In the recent lockdowns around the globe, one service that remained active was the delivery service.

The research concludes that 25% of all goods and 50% of all lightweight deliveries can be transported using e-bikes. Cycling has gained the highest profile than ever in 2020 because of the pandemic. Governments around the world are encouraging individuals to either walk or use bikes for transport. Instead of letting their people use crowded public transport, the government has invested in wide-scale cycling infrastructure to keep the citizens safe. Using individual bikes allows people to cover longer distances without the fear of violating SOPs.

Low-cost yet fast deliveries through Electric Bikes

Investing in more electric bikes might seem to be an expensive task, but this can draw you more profits in the longer run. Rather than investing in two delivery trucks, a delivery company must invest in four electric bikes. Four electric bikes mean one for each area. In this way, one electric bike would have to deliver in a specific area only and the delivery would be fast. Fast deliveries will get a good image of your company and more brands will hire you as their delivery partners.

Electric bikes require low maintenance

Unlike other luxurious cars that need to be checked for maintenance every 3 months, electric bikes are highly low maintenance vehicles. Therefore, they are now being used by most businesses. The annual tax on electric bikes is also very low as compared to other vehicles. This makes it a budget-friendly option for businesses.

All you need to change in an electric bike is their battery and that too after some, one and half year. You have no fear of your electric bike getting scratched while traveling in a narrow street. Another thing that you need to check for electric bikes is their brakes. All other things in electric bikes do not need to get checked very often, but it is necessary to check other parts as well. If maintained properly, electric bikes can last longer than you expect them to be.

Electric bikes can help in reducing the environmental pollution

Transportation that uses combustion engines is not healthy at all. It is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. The freight sector accounted for 10% of emissions in 2019 and was expected to surpass passenger emissions by 2030. Making the world a better place to live is our duty.

We do not only have to live for ourselves but for our coming generation as well. Even a small act can have contributed to a big change. This small act can be the replacement of traditional vehicles with electric bikes. Electric bikes do not run on the phenomena of fuel combustion but only consume the electric charge from the battery.

Research shows that 46% of regular bikes are used around once or twice a week, while 81% of E-bikes are used at that same frequency. Also, 33% of e-bikes are used every day. This massive increase in e-bike usage may reduce emissions and save a myriad sum of money. E-bikes are having the power to reduce emissions by 47% thus allowing up to $128 trillion saved by 2050.

The government must start policies to promote the use of e-bikes with fiscal incentives for greener mobility. Being slimmer in design, e-bikes can reduce traffic congestion and are a much healthier option. Less traffic congestion also means less sound pollution which is caused by horns of vehicles in populated areas. Let us know about your thoughts, in the comments!

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