New Viper and Sidewinder are Stocked in US Warehouse

May 5, 2021 3 Comments

Given the high demand, global e-bike brand Slinker Bikes is delighted to inform customers and distributor partners that additional Viper and Sidewinder e-bikes have recently been stocked in warehouses around the United States and set for immediate delivery.

Millions of people turned to bicycles as a safe and socially distanced way to get out of their homes, shake off that cabin fever, and get some fresh air; Americans have bought e-bikes in unprecedented numbers. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen e-bike sales rocket, with industry analysts estimating a 144% year-over-year growth in sales to $490.8 million in 2020, according to the NPD Group, which tracks retail trends.

With daily bike use proven to be linked directly with the happiness of the owner, Slinker Bikes invites new sales partners to make their customers smile with our Sidewinder and Viper folding e-bikes!

Sidewinder and Viper

Slinker Bikes foldable e-bikes have a great range and are built to last with excellent components.

The attractively designed Sidewinder has a range of 62.5 miles and with its Shimano pedal drivetrain is more than enough for a day’s riding about the city or countryside. The powerful disc brakes provide all the stopping power riders may need.

Meanwhile, the fat tire Viper comes with air-dampened front forks, allowing users to ride on the sand or gravel in complete comfort.

Both Slinker bikes are foldable. This allows you to pack the e-bike in your car’s trunk to get you about at your destination or even take it on the train so you can cycle the last mile on your commute.

“Customer experience and satisfaction is always Slinker Bike’s priority.” Said Jamil Lau, CEO of Slinker Bikes, “Slinker Bikes works with Fedex and other logistics companies to make sure our e-bikes are delivered to customers and bike shop partners on time. In the persistent future, Slinker Bikes will extend its warehouses in over 7 central located hubs (Los Angles, Dallas, Memphis, NYC, Miami, etc) throughout the US, to ensure that customers and dealers from every part of the US will be able to receive Slinker e-bikes in 3-4 days.”

Slinker Bikes- High Quality and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Having been making white-label e-bikes for the US market for over five years, Slinker Bikes knows what the customer values – a quality machine that looks good with excellent customer service should things ever go wrong. The company aims to bring better and healthier life with its technology and innovation.

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