Top 5 Folding E-bikes in 2021

November 5, 2021 3 Comments

Electric bikes are becoming more lightweight, appealing, and strong than ever before. To ride one, you don’t even need to be in great shape. It takes you outside, saves your money on gas, avoids traffic, and is enjoyable. The great thing about these e-bikes is that they come in various sizes and frames. More and more companies are launching e-bikes with advanced designs and features. Folding e-bikes are an example of this latest trend. In today’s article, we will talk about the top 5 folding e-bikes that you can purchase. But first, let’s give you some insights on folding e-bikes and their benefits.

What is a folding e-bike?

The folding e-bike, which can be folded for fast storage and commuting, is a relatively recent addition to the industry. Electric bikes that fold blend the simplicity of portability with the added benefit of motor assistance. This makes them perfect bikes for city cyclists who want a sweat-free ride to work but will still need to take the subway.

With advancements in battery technology, the e-bike industry has grown to include a variety of folding e-bikes. Whether you’re walking, mountain biking, or traveling, they’ll fit your needs perfectly. Though folding e-bikes are comparatively inexpensive, they are also an acquisition that can easily be equipped in a small space.

Benefits of folding e-bikes

On the other hand, dealing with a bike when you aren’t riding it can be challenging. The ability to fold your bike into the size of a big backpack makes it a very compact means of transportation. There are several interesting reasons to consider purchasing a folding e-bike. The most well-known are these:

  • A folding e-bike is an ideal mode of short- to medium-range transportation.
  • E-bikes are a great way to meet new people. An electric bike will assist you in getting outside, catching up with friends, or spending some “me time.”
  • An e-bike will help you with any recreational needs you might have.
  • Climbing efficiency is one of the key advantages of an e-bike. If you have some physical limitations, the engine strength of an e-bike will assist you in overcoming those limitations.
  • It’s also much easier to carry a folding e-bike to anywhere you want to use it. When not in use, it can also be stored.
  • Not only is it beneficial to your health, but it is also beneficial to the environment. Since a folding bike is so flexible, you’ll ride it more often and use fewer fossil fuels.
  • They are secure as you can simply fold the bike and stick it under your seat, much like a big bag. As a side benefit, you can easily avoid leaving it in unsafe circumstances.

It can be difficult to pick a bike in such a booming industry, so after thorough research, we’ve put together this guide to folding e-bikes for your assistance:

1. Viper

Price: $2299
Motor: 500W
Battery: 15ah/48V | 51 lbs.
Charge time: 5 hours

Slinker series e-bike service prioritizes innovation and safety so you can get from place to place in comfort. The Viper is the ideal bike for the weekend warrior who enjoys being out and around all the time. Its Fat Tire can handle any terrain, whether climbing, mountain biking, or going to the beach.

The Viper is a foldable electric bike that was built to be tough and durable, with fat 20″ Innova tires to fight across any terrain. It features the Slinker’s quick foldable frame and high-quality parts, such as a 500W brushless DC motor with a top speed of 20MPH and 20-inch alloy rims with Hydraulic Spring or Air shocks. There is no obstacle that the X can’t face when supplying you with the safety and stability you deserve to make you want to go the extra mile. This makes for a smooth and fast trip on pavement, downstairs, and up hillsides.

The Viper comes standard with hydraulic spring suspension in the front, which can be changed to hydraulic air suspension for an extra cost. However, the manufacturers do not equip it with a rear suspension. For the optimum performance of an e-bike, the tires must be properly inflated. Tire pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) and is stamped on the sidewall of each tire. Do not over-inflate the tires. The Viper fat tires need little air because they’re engineered to withstand bumps naturally.

This foldable electric bike has all the features that a commuter needs to get around town. They can even fold and pack this bike into their luggage and carry it to the mountains or the beach. Also, each bike comes with a restricted warranty.

Viper is not only for the road; it can take you places that a normal bike can’t.

2. Brampton Electric

Price:  $1590
Motor: 250W
Battery: 300Wh | 36V | 8.55Ah
Charge time: 2-4 hours

It is the ideal bike for city residents. Smaller wheels mean faster acceleration and more maneuverability in congested areas. All Brompton bikes are built to roll up into a convenient design that can be easily carried on public transportation or in the trunk of a car. The rechargeable battery powers an electric motor, which can offer three degrees of pedal assist to accommodate your riding style. The Brompton Electric’s reversible battery keeps it as small as ever, and it folds up fast and effortlessly.

A regular 6 gear Brompton has a 50 Teeth chainring mounted on it. The easy-to-fold ability of this bike makes it fold up to one-third of its size. You can fold it up and carry 13-14 kg weight anywhere you want, thus reducing the chance of getting stolen. The 2.9kg battery detaches from the 13.7kg electric bike with a single press, making it easy to transport, even upstairs. It can be your best travel partner to any place you go. In a single charge of 2-4 hours, the Brampton bike can take you to faraway places as long as 30-70 km of distance.

Different assistance modes are possible because of smart sensor technology, and the bike knows when to assist you. 40 Lux Busch & Müller AVY LED front lamps can provide you with enough light to turn your night into a day. You can also power the motor at three different intensities to conserve the battery. Its 16-inch Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires help it speed up with a better speed. Due to its lightweight body and unique features, the company claims that a rider can get around 25 – 45 miles on it.

3. Rad Power Bikes – RadMini

Price: $1500
Motor: 750W @ 80Nm
Battery: 672Wh
Charge time: 5-6 hour

The RadMini is ideal for riders with a 24′′-32′′ inseam. Because of its tough nature and high-quality parts, it is one of the best compact electric bikes for the price. It seems to magically combine affordability and utility. Rad Power Bikes, headquartered in Seattle, ships the bikes directly to customers rather than partnering with companies including Bosch and Shimano. It collaborates with several vendors to build custom hub-motor drivetrains.

The RadMini 4 is remarkably versatile for a foldable e-bike, producing 80Nm of torque from its 750W motor. As a result, allowing you to go up to 45 miles on a single charge of the 672Wh battery. It has a mini front fork and an enormous suitcase plus-sized 20′′ x 3′′ puncture-resistant tires for added support and protection while traveling.

Extras include aluminum pedals and a twist-grip throttle with additional gears. Fenders, lamps, and a comprehensive display panel that shows speed, battery life, and other details are all included. The bike folds down to the size of an enormous suitcase (41′′x22′′x28′′), thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame and handlebars.

This small electric bike with a 672Wh battery is perfect for getting around town, visiting friends, getting groceries, or going to work. Almost anybody can use the RadMini, whether they want a comfortable cruiser for beach rides, a sturdy seat for their 4-year-old, or simply want to get rid of their gas-powered Vespa.

4. Quietkat – Voyager

Price: $2799
Motor: 750W
Battery: 11.6ah/48V | 10 lbs.
Charge time: 6-8 hours

A voyage may be an adventure, a trip for supplies, or a trip to see fascinating sights. If you want to take your trip outside the roads, camping sites, and ports, you’ll need an effective mode of transportation. Allow the adventure to begin!

The Voyager is the pinnacle of portability for QuietKat E-Bikes, which are recognized for their consistency and reliability. The Voyager is compact enough to fit in most cars and SUVs. A 750W hub motor in the rear wheel and a 7-speed drivetrain power the Voyager. The bike’s 20″x4″ fat tires and mechanical disc brakes hold it under check on any surface.

The latest Voyager has been revised for consumers in 2021. It has a folding frame and steering column, allowing it to be conveniently stored in RV boats or even a barn. The QuietKat Voyager has a 20-inch wheel, making it easier to get around. The Voyager gets up and travels anywhere thanks to its 750-watt hub drive engine. Trailers and a variety of other attachments are also compatible. It’s available in a one-size-fits-all Poseidon Blue Camo or Classic Blue. A coil-sprung 100-millimeter suspension fork and two-piston mechanical disc brakes with 203e millimeter rotors are included in the Voyager’s output feature kit.

The Voyagers are ideal for getting around the neighborhood quickly and comfortably. Anyone who has ever ridden in the rain knows the value of good fenders, which is why QuietKat designed special fenders that come standard on every Voyager. A built-in rear rack makes it simple to transport everything you need, whether it’s picnic supplies or your laptop and paperwork. The Voyager from Quiet Kat is ideal for city riders who want a great-feeling E-Bike that can still do some trail riding.

5. EVELO – Dash

Price: $3199
Motor: 350W
Battery: 36V | 10.5AH Samsung.
Charge time: 6-8 hours

EVELO has manufactured several folding bikes over the years, and the Dash is a hybrid of the company’s best design features. It’s a light and versatile e-bike that showcases Evelo’s expertise in bicycle design. Dash is a high-end folding electric bike with a belt-drive mechanism that lasts a long time.

The Dash is the lightest possible mid-drive e-bike on the market, with a quick-charging 40-mile range battery. This powerful battery drives a lightweight 350-watt motor that allows users to tackle even the steepest hills or cruise and speeds up to 18 mph without breaking a sweat. This bike is handy and can be effectively used for any purpose, such as a daily ride to work. The Dash’s sleek and tidy folding style makes everyday transportation and storing a breeze.

It includes a combination of the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive technology and a Shimano 3-speed internal-gear hub on the Dash Electric Folding bike. This combination saves you time and money by obviating the need for repairs and delivering a fast, safe, and quiet journey.

The bike also has a torque-sensing pedal-assist system and a thumb throttle on the handlebar. This makes it simple to pedal smoothly or to avoid pedaling and lets the motor do the heavy lifting. Evelo’s Dash is an outstanding piece of cycling creativity. This design is ideal for a folding bike because it doesn’t need many repairs, doesn’t need lubrication, and remains safe. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any special adjustment if bumped into or tossed around in transit.

Final Thoughts

Electric bikes, like every other bike, come with a slew of technical specifications that you can or may not think of. An electric bike with a folding structure not only provides an extra boost on your commute but is also a convenient mode of transport. I’ve mentioned the top 5 best folding e-bikes for you; now pick one that’s right for you and get rolling!

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