How This Pandemic Has Affected E-bike Demand in the USA

November 22, 2021 4 Comments

The coronavirus has made the past year a difficult one across the entire world. Every county across the globe faced the severe effects of the virus and its consequences. The virus and its impacts have severely affected the global economy. However, there is still a glimmer of hope in the current situation, as people are …

How can E-bikes help with Weight Loss?

November 11, 2021 0 Comments

Cycling is one of the best weight loss exercises suggested by most fitness trainers and doctors. It offers a myriad of health benefits such as strengthening bones and muscles, improving heartbeat rate, and burning excessive cholesterol, thus aiding in weight loss. Nowadays, the question that arises is “Can electric bikes help you lose weight and …

Top 5 Folding E-bikes in 2021

November 5, 2021 3 Comments

Electric bikes are becoming more lightweight, appealing, and strong than ever before. To ride one, you don’t even need to be in great shape. It takes you outside, saves your money on gas, avoids traffic, and is enjoyable. The great thing about these e-bikes is that they come in various sizes and frames. More and …

How to Take Care of Your E-bike Battery?

April 21, 2021 3 Comments

Electric bike battery care is vitally important. The battery’s health has a tremendous impact on performance. The newer the battery, the longer will be the miles covered in one charge. Typically, the battery replacement cost for an electric bike is around $300 or more. To achieve the best performance of your electric bike’s battery, it …

Role of E-bikes in solving intracity delivery problems

April 4, 2021 0 Comments

Electric bikes are proving to be versatile vehicles of change, especially for urban business interests. They are now common in all developed cities, especially in Europe and United States. They reduce the need for noisy and pollution-producing delivery trucks that contribute to urban gridlock. Even more so, the usage of electric bikes also makes the …

Regenerative Braking in Electric Bikes

March 23, 2021 0 Comments

Electric bikes are considered as alternative transportation for fast travel however, there is always a fear of having a short driving range. To resolve this issue, elaborate research about brake energy recovery technology or regenerative braking is available. But what is Regenerative braking? To explain it in easy words, one can say that it is …

Electric Bikes and Their Health Benefits

March 16, 2021 0 Comments

Are you looking for an enjoyable yet effective exercise method? If yes, then you have landed on the right page! What if I tell you that Electric bikes can significantly improve your health and fitness? That would be cool, right. Well, it is true. As much as e-bikes help you in moving around, they are …

How do electric bikes work?

March 8, 2021 0 Comments

With every passing day, the use of e-bikes is abruptly increasing. Nowadays, e-bikes can be seen almost everywhere, be it may the roads, cycle paths, or mountaineer tracks. This is because e-bikes are the perfect option for anyone who wants some extra power while enjoying cycling. The things that make e-bikes a great alternative to …

What You Should Know About Electric Bike Laws and the Regulations

March 8, 2021 0 Comments

With more people turning to apprehend that bicycles are not just invented for recreational or exercising purposes, the popularity of e-bikes is growing rapidly worldwide. Apart from providing fitness and recreational usability, the primary function of an e-bike has always been to get from one destination to another. Considering the situation of pandemic and long …

What’s Coming Next For Electric Bikes?

February 19, 2021 0 Comments

With the advancement in technology, the world is heading towards finding renewable resources. Traditional vehicles require fossil fuel to operate such as diesel or petroleum. As the global population is increasing rapidly, there is a high chance that we will run out of fossil fuels in the coming years.