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LG Lithium-Ion Battery

High quality in-seat LG Lithium-Ion battery featuring 48v15AH allowing for maximum distance between 50-70 miles depending on usage with advanced key lock for theft protection and an extended lifetime of up to 5 years.

Next-Gen Patent Design

Patented Lemeego Stem design creating a sleek cutting-edge persona that is both functional and beautiful which will have your friends, family and co-workers asking for a chance to take your Lemeego for a ride.

Compact & Foldable

Lemeegos foldable frame allows for easy transportation and storage either at home, work and even for travel for a weekend vacation.

Eco-Friendly Travel

The Lemeego e-bike is the next step in transportation for the emerging future putting your mind at ease knowing you are participating to reduce mass transportation and increasing social distancing.

Free & Timely Delivery

Warehoused in Arcadia, California Lemeegos e-bikes are guaranteed to be delivered within 3 days from ordering to anywhere in the lower 48 states, with a compact packaging design which allows for a quick and easy set-up.

Exceptional Customer Service

Lemeego values exceptional customer service as an end-to-end manufacturer and distributor of e-bikes allowing us to keep the price of the bike at minimalist costs with the highest quality of product.


Aluminum-alloy frames ensure durability  from the normal wear and tear of city riding or the weekend hustle of riding in the mountains and forests the frame is built to withstand any conditions you put it to test.

Quality Components

From the Schimano 7-gear 14-28T to Nutt Hydraulic 180mm Disc Breaks to the Knus Confort saddle, all components were chosen directly with the riders experience in mind. 

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Customer Reviews

"Once I start riding my Lemeego e-bike I can honestly tell you it’s difficult to get off. I find myself going further distances than ever before when I was riding my normal cycle while still getting the workout I strive for."
Maria Martinez
"Not knowing what to 100% expect when I first ordered my e-bike I am blown away by the set-up and design and comfort of riding my Lemeego S, it’s hard to stop praising and recommending it to friends and family."
James Johnson
"The best! Not much more to say, use my Lemeego X during the week commuting and have taking it a couple times camping and riding in the woods and around lakes, great addition to the camping experience. "
David Smith

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