About Us

Slinker is recreating the way we move.

Meego Inc, dba Slinker, is an eBike company leading the electric micro-mobility revolution with a special focus on a net-zero emission world. For us, it’s all about micro-mobility – conveniently getting from point A to point B in a sustainable way, all on your own terms. Our electric bikes are a clean energy solution to transportation. They give you the freedom to go wherever you want with zero carbon emissions. 

We began in 2020 as a subsidiary of SIFO Technology. We worked with many outstanding companies to create over 50,000 e-bikes for businesses. And now, we are using that expertise to take this technology directly to the public. Our founder Jamil (Jiaming) Liu brings more than a decade of experience in the industry and a passion for micro-mobility – a key component in the fight against climate change. After graduating from Yale, Jamil wanted to use his talents to help the world. He became an entrepreneur, focused on creating environmentally conscious consumer solutions. He built a diverse team, with members from China, the United States, Pakistan and beyond. With an eye on design and a constant drive for innovation, Meego Inc continues to make the micro-mobility of the emerging future a reality. 

Slinker eBikes give you safety and convenience in a stylish yet affordable ride. That means no emissions and no compromises. 

Are you ready to join the micro-mobility revolution?

SIFO Tech has a total of 55 employees, including 23 people in the R&D department. We design and upgrade products based on the needs of consumers in the American market. At present, we have carried out exclusive regional cooperation with 34 dealers in the United States which highly align with our company values ​​and mission. As an R&D-oriented enterprise, we are delighted to grow together with distributors and create value for society together to fulfill our commitment. As the business matures, we expect to achieve a partnership with 200 dealers by 2023.

This is an emerging industry. With the impact of Covid on personal travel, an increasing number of people choose micro-transportation to commute. With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, we have a profound understanding of consumer needs in Europe, Asia, and America so we can design products that meet the specific market. Moreover, our executive team is diverse. We have hardware design experts, software experts, experts in the field of climate change, and experts in marketing. The combination of these diverse teams forms the unique competitiveness of our company, also, we are the only company that combines IoT technology and climate change technology to visualize how much consumers have contributed to offsetting carbon emissions.